The Dollar Store Diva: Repurposed Mini-Valentines + Free Printables

by Kaley on February 2nd, 2013

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Another Valentine Gift idea from the Dollar Store Diva!  Who knew K-Cups could make more than just great coffee?!


KCup Valentines

Just for fun, let’s do a little exercise that I use with my ESL class when teaching new vocabulary words. When you are thinking of making a Valentine gift, would you put a smiley face next to the words below or a frowny face?

1. frugal/money-saving

2. happy gift

3. yummy

4. easy

5. recycle/repurpose

6. creative

7. mini

Did you put a smiley face next to all seven? Good job! You get 100% on the pop quiz!

 One of the ways I try to be frugal is to repurpose or recycle what I already have. When I was thinking of creative ways to say Happy Valentines Day, I wandered around my house to see what I already had that could be repurposed for Valentine containers. I was specifically thinking of mini (as in too, too cute).

And this is what I found:

XOXO Valentine Containers 021 (640x480)

Keurig cups, little take-out containers that held dressings/sour cream; pudding/applesause containers; votive candle holders.

Oh, the ideas that started flowing!


First I created several sets of mini-tag printables to share with you for your own happy, frugal, too, too cute Valentine gifts.


Be My Valentine 8 Hearts printable

Valentines Limekiln 063 (640x548)

Then I combined the tags with the mini containers: applesauce containers filled with Lifesaver Wintergreen Mints and Hershey Kisses.

Valentines Limekiln 043 (640x480)

Keurig Cups: one wrapped in red cello and the other in pull-it-out-of-your-kitchen-drawer plastic wrap.

XOXO Valentine Containers 040 (640x534)

 Lots of Kisses XOXO printable


 Votive Candle holder turned Hugs and Kisses holder!

  Votive Valentine

Don’t forget pink! Votive candle holders with pink striped candy sticks and a fat pink ribbon.

So there you have it. Why not wander through your house and see what containers you could recycle for a mini Valentine’s greeting.

And lots of kisses and sweet Valentine wishes to all of you!


For those of you who haven’t met her, the Dollar Store Diva happens to be my Mom, Nancy, who has a special power.  She can transform Dollar Store and other inexpensive finds into super fun gifts that would brighten anyone’s day!

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