Introducing The Cha-Ching! Christmas Club

by Kaley on December 3rd, 2009

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Update: I’ve now created a series called The Cha-Ching! Christmas Club: Seven Days to Christmas Savings.  You can check out each step here:

Day 1: Cha-Ching! Christmas Club: Seven Days to Saving
Day 2: Let the Prep Begin!
Day 3: Making the Most of Freebies
Day 4: Show Me the Money!
Day 5: Saving with Surveys
Day 6: Shopping Strategies
Day 7: Let the Planning Begin!


I just want to let you all know how much I’ve enjoyed sharing my “How I Plan to Spend Less than $50 on Christmas” series with you all. Thanks for all of your interest and encouraging comments!

I’ve discovered that this series has been  a great way to help me keep track of my Christmas spending.  I would say that right now I have a little over half of my Christmas shopping done and I still haven’t touched that $50.  By using rebates, rewards programs, great deals, and Swag Bucks, I am well on my way to an under $50 Christmas!

I understand that an under $50 budget make me sound like “Grinch” is my middle name. However, I am actually going to be able to be more generous this year than in years past.  Because I am planning ahead and have these great resources, there is much more room for generosity!  I may be spending less than $50, but I am giving more than ever!

Here is what I want to do to help you do the same for Christmas next year.  I am officially inviting you to join the “Cha-Ching! Christmas Club”.  It’s similar to a Christmas Club you may join at your bank in that you’ll be setting money aside for Christmas.  The difference is that you need NO money to become a member and every cent you earn will be free money!!

Listed below are all of the resources that have helped me slash my Christmas budget this year plus a few more that have been recommended to me by others.

I recommend joining as many of them as possible and then setting aside all of your earnings from them for Christmas next year.  I think you will be amazed by next Christmas at how much money you will save simply by planning ahead.

It may take a few minutes to sign up for each of these and then you may need to set aside a few minutes a day to keep up with them.  But in this case, time really does = money!

Note: You may want to check out my Intro to Making Free Money Online post if you are new to all of this!

Rewards Programs:

Other Ideas:

  • Rebates: Set them aside in your Cha-Ching Christmas fund!  (Check out the rebates I have posted recently here.  Keep in mind that some may have expired.)
  • If you are shopping online, be sure to sign up for Ebates, Cashbaq and ShopAtHome.  These sites offer cash back when you shop through their site.  Refer your friends to earn additional money in your account!
  • Freecycle: Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!  This is a group that you can sign up for in your area and then give and get free stuff.  We were able to score a beautiful child-sized acoustic guitar for Griffin–don’t tell!

Leave me a comment if you decide to use some of these to start saving for Christmas next year, ok?  I’d love to see who’s joined the club!

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